Are you an event venue?

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When a company or individual decides to hold an event at your location, a lot of wheels are set into motion. From HR planning to financial follow up to space preparation and logistics management. Many questions need answers: How will this interfere with the daily motions of your venue? Will outside materials need to be brought it? Having a specialist by your side will create the best event experience for both you and your clients.

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What do you represent

  • Congress hall
  • Exhibition venue
  • Hotel
  • Event location
  • Theater
  • Meeting space
  • Happy places
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What do you need

  • Transport of materials to and from your location around events
  • A temporary infrastructure in compliance with your house rules
  • Storage (pre- during- and post-event) of event materials
  • Logistics coordination for all participants of the event
  • On-site logistical support
  • A partner with a global network

In control. In time. In place.

With Valverde on your logistics side, at least each event’s logistics will run smoothly, orderly, and compliant with house rules.
Our Event Logistics Management is our tailor-made service for you.

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Our sole official

‘To guarantee a high level of logistics management and service to our clients, we have chosen for Valverde to be our sole official in this field!


Sole Official

Logistics for any event are a complex affair. It is one of those things that people often underestimate. As a venue or hotel, there are many upsides to outsource this to a specialist. It reduces work pressure and you are sure to work with a freight forwarder that knows your venue as well as you do. Why this should be Valverde, we can tell you.

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