Sole official freight forwarder

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Maybe you have had a taste of our Event Logistics Management during an event at your location. Great!
So, why should you make Valverde the sole official freight forwarder for your location? We will always provide the same level of service at any event either way. However, consider the following:

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Calendar priority

With events and shipments all around the world, we have to prioritize our work. As your sole official, we will always have an opening in our calendar for your events.

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No logistical burdens

For each event held at your location, you will have no burdens regarding the logistics again. We work directly with the organizer or PCO and participants to coordinate the logistics and bill them accordingly.

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As your sole official, we will think along with you to improve processes while respecting your house rules. Sometimes, fixed ways of working can become better, more efficient or otherwise improved. As partners on the same team, we can talk about this. This benefits us both: a smoother logistics process equals a better run event and less inconvenience for you as a venue.

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Care free

As your sole official freight forwarder, we are an extension of your team. You can trust that everything will be alright, always. Our open communication style and presence at each event will ease your mind and lower work pressure for your staff. Know that new team members (on your side or ours) will always be included and brought up to speed as soon as possible.


Curious what we can mean specifically as your official?

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Learn more about our work and best practices.

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