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We master the disciplines of Event Logistics. Valverde is an independent International Freight Forwarder that is specialized in Event Logistics operating worldwide 24/7 and 365 days a year. We focus on service and providing keen rates. With a professional and experienced team, we handle freight for a variety of clientele as the sole official agent or on shipment level. Event Transport, Logistics Management, and Services are available to anyone and everyone. Organizers, performers, exhibitors, other agents, venues, hotels and more. 

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Event Logistics Management

For organizers and event venues, we coördinate the complex event logistics process. We make it run smoothly and compliant to house rules.


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Event Logistics Services

For exhibitors and sponsors, we perform any required logistics service, including transport, on-stand deliveries and assistance on site.


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For companies who participate in (multiple) events, we set up and carry out the most efficient and best priced transport plan.


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Are experienced

Combined, our Amsterdam team has over 100 years of experience in event logistics. This makes the phrase: ‘We have seen it all before’, a reality (knock on wood). Even though changes in transport, technology, and climate impact logistics in new ways every day, there is no mountain too high for us.



Have a global reach

With our worldwide network of agents, we cover each country on all continents. This way, we always know someone at your destination or your point of origin and they know how to find us. This mutually beneficent interaction ensures bonds with our agents remain strong and within reach 24/7/365.


Are versatile

Valverde staff members come from a wide arrange of backgrounds, heritage, industries and the logistics thereof. Performing arts logistics requires a different network from exhibition logistics and other types of events. Through our people, we are at the nexus between all those networks. This makes Valverde the perfect melting pot of event logistics disciplines.


Are dedicated

Events can take place during holidays, on the weekend, in the middle of the night or over a longer period. This does not hold us back, whether it is one simple shipment or a massive production moving across the globe. We are there for you any time of day, month or year. No matter the timeframe or the scope of work. Our people are dedicated to getting it done, no matter what.


Know exhibition logistics

In all events, organizers and venues are involved in the logistics process. For other events, you add a handful of performers (artists, speakers, etc.) and that’s it. However, for exhibitions, dozens to sometimes even hundreds of exhibitors are involved as well. Our people know how to balance the wants and needs of all exhibitors and the venue and organization with great care and knowledge. Our excellent reputation is proof of this.


Know performing arts logistics

The performing arts and fine arts are a niche in the event logistics industry. Our experience in this spans over two decades. This specialism is deeply rooted in our team. Know that all instruments, décor and anything you can imagine are handled with care according to rules and regulations. It will arrive at each destination in a show-ready state.

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