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Our Event Logistics Services focus on trade show logistics all over the world for Exhibitors and Sponsors or Agents representing them. Valverde is highly experienced and specialized in this specific field. We coordinate the entire logistic process and perform the required logistic services for you as an event participant. All the while, upholding our high service standards.
With Valverde on your side, your exhibition logistics will run smoothly, orderly, and in compliance with the venue’s house rules. Here is what we do:

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  • Provide you with the best transportation plan from start to finish, based on your requirements.
  • For the transportation plan, we consider your needs:
    Route: fast or cheap or most sustainable. We have it all. Handling: all together or with care or special size and/or shape. We can do it all. Converging or diverging shipments: won’t make us see cross-eyed.
  • Offer a competitive proposal. If desired, we can provide a detailed explanation of how it was compiled.
  • Obtain or create the required transport documents (import, export, customs, etc.) for you. Alternatively, we can assist you in acquiring or making them.
  • At an agreed-upon date, time, and location we will ensure the pick-up and transport of the materials.
  • To ensure timely arrival at the point of destination, we monitor the entire process of transportation.

For I&D and during the show, if applicable, all points below are in collaboration with the trade show official freight forwarder, if this is not Valverde.

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  • Take care of the on-stand delivery of the materials.
  • If necessary, we can provide empty labels for the materials for storage during the event (empties).
  • Empties pick-up will be taken care of
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During the event

  • Your empties will be stored dry, safe, and on-site or near the venue.
  • If access to your empties is possible, we can help with this. However, this depends heavily on the country, venue, organizer, and official freight forwarder.
  • We check return/forward transport, then make outbound labels and hand them to you before dismantle.
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  • The processes of installation we will execute again but in reverse. This means that we return the empties to the show floor and, when ready, we move them out.
  • We will repair your packaging (boxes, crates, etc.) if necessary so everything leaves the show floor transport ready.
  • Your shipments will be sent on to their next destination right away. Or we send them to our advance warehouse for safekeeping, before moving the shipments to their next destination. Whichever makes more sense according to the transportation plan.
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Wrap up

  • Complete the distribution from our warehouse, if applicable.
  • Monitor the entire process of transportation until all shipments reach their destination. If this is a new event, we repeat the previous steps.
  • Invoicing

If you participate in multiple events, you do not want your freight to needlessly bounce around. Check out our Event Transport. We work hard to find the best multi-event transport plan fitting to your needs.

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Our focus is on your corporate presence to be

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Event calendar

Maybe we are already going to the same event as you. Visit our Event Calendar and find out. We are happy to help or meet up in person on-site. Will we see you there?

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Logistics are covered

‘Logistics are covered, by this powerhouse firm. This is a great and reassuring  feeling when you are realizing a large international event!

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